Is there a way to tell if I'm any good at kissing?

So if a girl makes out with you for extended periods does that mean I'm at least alright at it, or might she do it anyway? I enjoy it, but I can't be sure that I'm actually any good at kissing.

Any suggestions?
More opinions would be appreciated.


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  • If she's not pulling away, she's probably enjoying it, so you're probably doing well. If she thinks you're an amazing kisser she'll tell you, either by saying that you're an amazing kisser or just looking at you and saying "wow". Other good signs include heavy breathing, being aggressively grabbed and touched and her eyes being closed.


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  • If she's not pulling back most likely you're good.

    • Is there a way to tell if I'm just tolerable or actually good/alright?

  • practice makes perfect!

    • What signs should I take that I'm doing something better rather than worse if I change things up? I've just been doing what feels good to me, which she seems to tolerate, but I don't how good it is from her perspective.

    • I personally like to take it slow and passionate when kissing. I like to really feel it, you know? Slip your tongue in her mouth, circle it around hers. Be gentle (don't stab her throat with your tongue!). But also be sexy about it. Run your hands through her hair, touch her face, up and down her back, torso, sides, and if her and you are comfortable, her breasts and butt. Press her against the wall, or get on top of her. Maybe sit her down on a table and hold on to her and kiss her. I personally also like it when he sucks my tongue or bottom lip for a few seconds (not hard, just a really gentle slight tug), or runs his teeth along my bottom lip and tugs a bit. Also, take the kiss to the rest of her face. When he kisses my jaw line or around my ears, and finds my sweet spots, I go crazy! Let me know if you have anymore questions :) also, don't be afraid too YouTube this stuff- i did!

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  • One way to lose points is to actually ask her if you're any good. Girls don't like questions. Just do it. If she doesn't complain and doesn't pull away, you scored.

    Now, if you're trying to determine where you stand on a scale from 1-10, don't.

    • I'm trying to determine if I need to improve at it - not that have any idea how to go about that - I'm sure it's at least tolerable, but I don't know if she's satisfied with it.