Does he just want to sleep with me?

We have hung out a few times now. He asked me out on a date too after weve already slept together. We usually do end up sleeping together, but have hung out without sex too. He told me he thinks we hit it off and he thinks Im cool to hang out with. I know Im the only girl he's sleeping with. he keeps asking me to hang out again


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  • probably. unless you make it clear you want to be his girlfriend then you are just his ho/fuck buddy whatever you want to call it.

    • how can i make it clear I want to be his girlfriend

    • well since youve already had sex before there's no point in not being bold. just come straight out and ask him "are we dating?" "how do you really feel about me?" "why do you like me?" something along those lines. if he can't give you a straight answer right away or its a obvious bull sht answer then yes its probably just for the sex.

  • Might be 😶 but I'm not sure you should do whatever you want to so you won't have any regrets😊


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