How do I know which girl likes me?

I'm 21 years old, and I never been in a relationship before. I always wanted to be in a relationship. I really want to experience one. So, whenever I like a girl I talk to her and try to get to know her. I have had no luck. I been rejected all the time. I feel like I'll never be in a relationship, just like it's impossible dream or something. I'm just curious to know how it feels to be love from someone. How do I find a girl that actually finds me interesting or attractive?

I'm feeling sort of sad thinking about my bad luck in romance. =(
How do I find a girl that will give me a chance and go out with me?


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  • You talk about boring small talk stuff and then work into personal stuff ie : i have so much hw, im tired, i drink coffee to beat my tiredness, i go to this coffee shop, i live in this area i love it, how long have u lived here, were u born here... etc. line of conversation. it should flow naturally with the right people dont stress or put too much importance in it just take it one conversation at a time.


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  • How do u talk to girls? Give me an example. N then I can help

    • Usually just with small chat about class stuff. I'm not very good at having conversations or getting into a good conversation:

      Me: Hi (insert name) how's it going?
      Girl: Good how about you?
      Me: Good. Have you completed the assignment or something school related
      Girl: Yes, (she will say something back)

      Usually like this. A very mundane way. I have trouble making friends, but I'm good at making acquaintances.

    • Talk about different things then classes. U could start of with talking about class but later change and talk about something u know that she likes. Or something u guys have in common. Keep the conversation going. Girls don't like guys that cants keep a conversation. If ur running out of things to talk about then talk about the sky lol. Show confidence and be yourself but don't be arrogant. Keep the conversation to about 5 or ten minutes and then make an excuse to leave. Make her want more of you by being mysterious. Don't tell everything about you ably tell the essentials. Like jobs or things you do on ur spare time.

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