What to do about a great person that sends wrong messages?

I have been talking and chatting with this guy from online. I really like him we spend most of our days just text messaging one another he is in a relationship and so am I and we both have children by the people we are with but this guy sends me wrong messages to mind I don't know if he likes me or using me to bait. We met up twice once late at night when he got off of work and the second time at a grocery store we talked and walked around even though it was awkward! The third time he took me back to his place note! His baby mom does not live with him but moving on we talked about so many things for about a hour and a half then we stared flirting and he took me to his room he played some are Kelly jams you know the love making music! Then he gave me 0**l and didn't ask me for any in return then he did the do to me slowly and passionately the first time then after we chilled and talked. Round two was great also he ate me from the you know the we were done then we laughed and talked again. Third time it was so good and pleasant then after the talking laughter and everything he took me home then sent me a text message saying wow that was great. So later that day and the next he didn't really call or message me but I have to understand to he works as a supervisor a 16 hour a day job and gets off early in the morning but I don't know what to think and do help me! But keep in mind he did tell me he is not looking to be in a relationship but the way he acts is like he is falling for me I mean he has someone he is with and so am I but we are both not happy guys help me what to do I don't know what to think or how to feel about this guy.


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  • he is in a relationship

    I stopped reading there.

    You're both dishonest. This should be a show-stopper for each of you.

    If it isn't you're in trouble and in for a lot of hurt, as well as spreading hurt all around.



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  • stop doing what you're doing, for the sake of your families. If the opportunity comes up for you two to give it a go, then by all means! But right now, you are both attached. Leave it.