Is it possible to ask a guy if he wants to see a movie and he doesn't understand? What is there to " understand"?

I asked a guy I like If he wanted to see a movie. He asked me what I wanted --- lol am I suppsed to repeat the question or find a more creative way of asking or just say I want him to be straightforward?

If you ask a straightforward question and someone doesn't understand then how do you know how to be clearer?

I like him and he likes me we've just had some difficulty with timing. So basically I just want to know if he wants to spend time alone with me bc I don't want to be caught off guard like last time. So if I ask him out now even if he wasn't ready or something Id still know in advance.

My question is if I was explicitly clear how can he really be confused... And if he was confused how can I be clearer than clear?


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  • He probably wants to know if you mean anything more by it. It seems like he's expecting you to not be straightforward (my guess is that he's thinking that because he thinks that's how women work), so even when you are being straightforward, he's already assuming you won't be.

    • Hmm that's possible - annoying but possible. But I s. Being strsight forward do how can I be " more" straightfoward? I asked a question and what I " wanted. Was an answer. It just seems like saying " I want an snswer' can come off as condescending since it's really blatantly obvious one would want an answer when they ask a question.

      . I don't really have more to say as far as wanting bc we haven't hung out alone in years and I wanted to just take things one step at a time. We rushed in too soon - for me- last time it didn't end well. So im going slow so I can be fair to him and myself. That is a lit to say when all I wanted was an answer. its hypcritical too bc he doesn't" explain" when he asks me out. He just asks. Which is fine bc its just a question.

      Maybe it would have helped if I explained that it went too fast befire but that seems very heavy handed, and he might take it as an accusation. I thought a simple question would be easier for him.

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    • Thank you. You're right it's pointless for me to try to be clearer when I AM being clear. As for action im just trying to be consistent and hopfeully eventually he'll stop being suspicious or I'll get over him.
      lol no not K. Aboit 11 letters away from K. I won't say which direction on behalf of maintaining anonymity:)

    • Good plan. I hope he stops being an idiot. ;)

  • Maybe he was asking you what movie you'd like to see.

    • No he said he didn't understand what I wanted :)

    • Huh?

      I really don't know then.

    • Right me neither. that's why I asked :)

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