Every night my bf spams me with goodnight texts?

when i woke up today i went start to my usual and checked my messages and i got none should i text him first? what is this supposed to mean is he angry at me for some reason?


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  • Wut, why would he be angry

    • I don't know he always text me night and everything and he never did anything last night should i text him first?

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    • i just texted him morning and he's like uh morning? I don't know if he's annoyed but thanks

    • a bit of an odd response but your welcome :)

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  • Don't overthink too much, it's nice to wakeup and read a sweet message like this, so send it this time!

    Maybe you didn't made somethng like this, maybe he fell asleep before sending it, just don't overthink, do sweet things and don't rake anything for granted.

  • That's wonderful.


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