Would it be awkward or?

so i used to date this guy he was super nice and lovely and all that jazz but it just didn't work out so we left it, this was say little over a year ago maybe, he wasn't really well known and i met him through friends (thats not why it didn't work I'm not shallow). Anyway recently I've met a new group of friends and we got talking and they invited me to a party and everything was kinda nice, the girls party that I've been invited to was talking about the guys at the party and who she could pair people up with. i then asked her who she's with/seeing, in which she said his name, inside i nearly died it was so unexpected i nearly died.

Long story short to me even though we don't talk he is still a person i really admire and think is great, if i went up to him at the party and spoke to him would he hate it or would he be fine with it?, i just don't want to make it awkward for him?
Thankyou! x


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  • Your over thinking this just be urself and both go to the party


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