Has he done these things since he gets hard or what?

My bf just got back from a fishing trip with his dad and some friends. I had my hand down there over his jeans and I jokingly said so did u fkirt with any girls and he said no I never talked to any. Then I feel him getting hard. So does that mean he must of talked to them? Lol
Another one is when I ask if he has cheated on me he will say no But then he gets hard? Makes me think he has or something...


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  • Your hand is on him, it will react just to that. So whe you put your hands there and tease him, he will get hard, try it with, "so did you go to Mars today?" You know he didn't but you will get the same reaction.

    • I've had my hand there before and not all the time it gets hard.

  • Well in the first instance you had your hand there so that could be the cause of him getting hard, The second instance may be because you are initiating sex talk and he likes that.

    • Do a lot of guys get hard from sex talk like what I have said?

    • it depends on the guy. I love when my wife initiates sex talk. I like it when she notices guys. It's fun.

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