A question for the type of girls who might date an introverted/quite type of guy. Why does a title need a question mark... ?

Only answer if you're a girl who might date an introverted guy. (The views of girls who only date extroverts aren't that useful to me - unless you think you understand girls that go for introverts.) Anyway, my question:

How far do you expect the guy to take things on a first date (assuming you've had little contact beforehand)? Holding hands? A hug before you part? A kiss? (Where?)

With the last couple girls I've been on dates with I've hugged them at the end, but I'm not sure whether that's going to far or not far enough. Obviously it's not far enough for an extroverted guy, but the types of girls who would agree to go on a date with someone like me would presumably have different expectations.

tl;dr The second paragraph is most relevant.

  • Nothing
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  • A hug
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  • A kiss on the cheek
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  • A brief kiss
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  • A 'proper' kiss
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Any other views on this?
Any other views?
Mainly wanting girls' opinions, but any would be good.


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  • I voted B, but it really depends on how well the date goes. Like it goes well, I might kiss a guy on the cheek along with the hug.

    • How well do you mean? If you think you'd like to see him again? Or would it need to go especially well?

      Would not kissing (or even trying to kiss) a girl turn her off?

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    • Whereas an unwanted kiss would be received badly, I expect?

      Thanks for answering.

    • No problem.

      It depends again lol. Like if we had a good time and the vibe is there, then maybe. You just have to go with the flow.

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  • I don't expect anything, but a lingering kiss on the cheek would be very nice.

    • When I say expect I mean what you would consider likely to happen. You'd prefer it on the cheek? (Your cheek right?) Is a lingering cheek kiss not awkward?

    • With an introverted guy... I would likely think that nothing was going to happen. Yes my cheek. It's not awkward if you don't make it awkward. You could like kiss her on the cheek, then move away slowly and say goodnight while looking into her eyes. It would build up the tension, but also makes it seem that you like her more than just sexually. So, I would like that the most.

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