First Date: Was he interested was just being nice?

So I went on a date with this guy I met online & need advice. We went for drinks at this famous farmers market type of place. I hadn't been there before so after the drinks he gave me a tour to the place which I thought was very cute. He knew I loved Italian so he walked me through that section & showed me all the different things I would adore. Our likes & dislikes are very similar. He also asked if I would like to go for another drink to a different bar. I said yes & suggested a bar I knew nearby. It was a bar with live jazz & 20s music, he was impressed. He was classy, reserved. He joked, flirted & teased me about few things and I did the same back. He would nudge me when I said something funny. He would gently pat my leg or arm when something funny happened. When I pointed to something for him to see or talked about something in the room, he would lean in very close to me and look with me so we were seeing it together. It was cute. But never did he stay that close and Just turn at look at me. I don't know if I'm being paranoid about this. I know guys do such things when they like a girl but I can't decide if he's just friendly that way. We talked a lot and didn't have any problems doing so but there were few seconds where we didn't say anything and awkwardly sipped our drinks. When he walked me to the bus station. I told him not wait since he had a flight early morning. He said okay & requested that I text him when I reached home. It was cold & I was rubbing my hands together for warmth. He told me he had a great time & wants to see me again. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to hug him or kiss him? I couldn't tell if he was shy or wasn't into me and just being nice. So I looked up at him for clues & pokerface. I pecked him on the lips either way & then hugged him. He said he'll talk to me soon. My bus broke down midway & I texted him so. It took me 3 hrs to get home that night & he texted me throughout the night. And now it's been 5 days I haven't heard from him.


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  • Don't wait around for him, 5 days is a long time to hear nothing from a guy after a first date.
    Go ahead and see other people, he's not messaging you simply because he dosen't want to. His reasoning behind that is irrelevant.