Is he just not that into me?

I'm having a problem about how often we see each other. So I've been seeing this guy for over a month, he initiated the first few days bcoz i wanted to let him make the move. After we got comfortable together, i started to ask him out when i wanted to meet him, and he always said he would like to see me too but he might have plans on that day. He's a busy guy and i know that, i dont expect him to cancel his plans for me but i really want him to make me a priority sometimes. When i explained that to him, he said i was making a big deal and having too much expectation from him, and that we are just getting to know each other so i shouldn't be so demanding. Is he making a point there or should i let go this relationship?


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  • Let go. Right now.

    I understand him being busy, but your demands certainly aren't too much. Even if he felt like that, he could have told that to you in a more appropriate way.


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