A girl that I'm close to dating is becoming really close to her ex'es girlfriend. Should I be worried?

I'm really liking this girl, we'll call her Emily. Lately, she has been getting close to her ex'es new girlfriend. She added her on Facebook, they're texting, and now she apparently "Felt bad for not to invite her to a get together that we're having tonight". And of course, most likely Emily's ex will be there. We'll call her ex Brian.

So my question is, is that a bad sign? Should I be worried or should I just brush it off?

Might I add, Brian was her first serious and long relationship. And also, there was a summer where Brian cheated, (they slept together) on his then current girlfriend with Emily.

Thank you so much for your responses and advice :)


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  • You're worried about her interacting with "Brian" because she is interacting with Brian's ex? They are two completely different people. i wouldn't worry about it. Just because she hangs out with one doesn't mean she'll hang out with the other. If something happens, then worry. In the mean time, don't

    • Yes, I'm worried that Brian and Emily will start interacting with one another. But what you said makes sense, thank you, makes me feel better :)

    • Your welcome, glad to hear it

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