Please give me advice. I don't want to seem clingy, what should I do?

So I messaged a guy I liked on Facebook last Monday but he wasn't at school for that week so then he opened it Sunday but didn't respond so I don't know what that means or what to do. We messaged before that and he seemed interested he kept using the blushing emoji and asking me questions. Now when we see each other in the hall we made eye contact but that's it. I don't want to come off clingy or desperate but I want to talk to him and get something started. What should I do?

(Plus if you want more details look at the other questions I've asked for info)


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  • The blushing emoji means nothing. Emojis are an emotionless way to attempt to show your emotions- useless really

    Talk to him, you won't come off as clingy and desperate. Maybe he wasn't sure what to say. Maybe he forgot you messaged him. Either way, it will keep bugging you until you do, so I suggest talking to him

    • I don't really have any classes with him so it's hard to talk to him at school and I didn't know if he didn't reply because he didn't see it until a week later and thought it'd be weird...

    • I would talk to him in person. If you want this to go anywhere, one of you has to initiate. If not you, him. If not him, you

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  • or maybe he received too many messages from Monday till Sunday and didn't see yours... better send again ;-)


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  • He probably figured it was weird to respond so late, so he didn't.

    Try to just work up the courage to talk to him at school. If you can't, then don't send him another FB message when he's not online... send him one when he's online so you can actually chat back and forth.

    • I want to talk to him but I usually see in walking in the halls, sometimes with a friend and we're usually going in opposite directions

    • Just wave and say hi as you walk by

    • God I do not miss being a teenager!

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