He asked me out on a second date, but didn't set a day etc?

We went on a first date on Friday . It seemed to go pretty well. He paid for everything, asked if he could see me again soon, walked me to the subway station, held my hand, and then kissed me good night. He text me the next day to say he'd had a good time. I replied and said I did too and maybe we could do it again. We texted a bit more.

Then yesterday I text him to wish him luck with an interview he'd mentioned he had. He text me afterwards saying it went well and would I like to go for a drink this week. I said that I would and that cus I have the week off, my week's pretty open so far.

That was yesterday afternoon. He's not text back since. Was that text not meant for me? Did I come off too strong? Should I just wait and see if he texts, or should I text him again?


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  • I wouldn't read too far into it. He asked you to get a drink, he didn't just accept an offer from you to do so, so that indicates to me that he is legitimately interested in going out with you again. Probably just doesn't want to seem too eager. Or perhaps his schedule this week is pretty up in the air and, since you already make clear that yours is wide open, he's waiting to figure out what evening will work best for him.

    Seriosuly, don't overthink it.

    • Thanks for the advice! If he's not text in a few days, should I text him or just leave it?

    • yeah if you don't hear from him by tomorrow evening nothing wrong with texting him. Just don't be a weirdo about it lol just say hey how's it going, up for that drink tomorrow? Or something like that