So I'm curious what girls look for in a guy I mean everything honestly from looks to personality?

So like my question says I'm curious about what girls look for in a guy. I do mean from his looks to his personality. I never got any attention from a girl in a boyfriend kind of way. I have a lot of friends who are girls and I'm cool with just being there friends but I do want a girlfriend so far for my personality according to them and me combined I am a good listener/compassionate/ understanding/heart of gold/kind/ handle my anger well and I got a lot of love I'm 5'9 tan very dark brown hair according to my friends I say it's black I'm on the chubby fabby sideI some times let my insecurities get to me and I'm working on my self confidence so am I boyfriend material in your opinion

Also im honest sometimes brutally
Anymore advice


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  • Well, we are all very different from one another. There are as many nerdy girls, as girly girls amd mixed "races" etc...

    So, some say, they love muscles and a badboy. Others, however love romantic and passionate guys. It all varies, so there is not a "right" personality or look. Maybe you should just flirt a bit here and there, to show that you are not always interested into a friendship and that.

    Many have that "friendzone stamp" on them. Not because they have anything bad on them, but just small little changes might do good. And flirting does not automaticly mean "in a relationship". (;

    • Friendzone doesn't exist it's a thing created by us men to say "This girl won't have sex with me" i've since stopped using it, also the main reason why guys get "Friendzoned" is cos they DON'T FLIRT

    • Exactly what I meant, thank you.*claps hands&

    • Alright what's considered flirting

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  • I have 4 standards:
    1) Humor- Do we have the same sense of humor? Can we both make a joke and laugh together without either of us getting offended or blowing up?
    2) Attractiveness- Do I find you attractive? (This does play a role) Do you keep yourself clean and well groomed? Do I want to smile at/hug/kiss you when I see you (in the back of my mind)? Am I attracted to your ethnicity/race? (Middle-Eastern, some African-American/Caucasian are my only preferences) Are you at a reasonable weight for your height? Are you at a reasonable height? (I like guys that are 5' 5.5"- 6 ft)
    3) Personality- Are you actually care about anything in you life or are you in a one-track mentality? Are you caring, compassionate, friendly, etc? Would you help a friend in need even when it's not convenient for you? Do you get angry fast? Are you insecure?
    4) Intelligence- Do you have common sense? (I do have a weakness for "book-smart" guys- because knowledge is power and power is sexy ;D) Are you street-smart?

    Flirting for me would be hanging out one-on-one, making jokes, sharing food, or even chilling with friends but showing me a little more attention than you would for others. Hugs and pecks on the cheek are nice too. I don't crush easily- I like being friends with the guy first before going into a relationship.

    Also, asking for numbers/kik early on isn't attractive.

  • My standards for boyfriend material are pretty high lol, but then again if I have chemistry with a guy and I actually like spending time with him I might overlook some of his flaws :)
    Anyways my perfect guy is made of: Interesting and awesome personality, loyalty, honesty, humor, intelligence, has to have a great music taste, strenght, I like wide shoulders and that biker guy look on a man... :)

  • Looks are seen first but not everyone disregards a guy if they are not hot if they have a great personality that can draw me in. I have recently met a good looking guy who has no personality. An that made him seem unattractive to me. I had better chemistry with average dude who was fun an laugh to be around.

  • If you feel insecure work out but don't do it to get a girl. You are one of my ideal Types So Don't Give up there have to be girls out there who will find you as the perfect bf

    • Thanks just wish they would show up or give me a hint on the fact they like me. I will be working out when my ankle is healed can't do anything now

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    • I was both that day so no beginners luck for me

    • Yup sounds like me lmfao

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  • Same thing you look for in a science-chemistry

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