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I've been talking to this guy for over a month on FB and we're both single but he is in a different state. I really like him and want to move on but I don't know how. Any ideas?


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  • I think long distant dating is very hard and very tough. But not impossible. It takes hard work and dedication to make it work. If your trying to get over him by moving on then you can easily talk to guys in your area or state online. They have a lot of free dating websites you can try. If your trying to get over this guy then you have to just go date and focus on yourself more.

    • Thanks for the advice... I mean what do I do if I want to move on in the relationship like taking it further than FB.

    • Your very welcome. Sorry I misread the question a little. I think if you want to take the relationship further past online is eventually I think you and him should be talking on the phone and texting each other. I think that will help strengthen things. Also you and him can send gifts in the mail. It doesn't have to be expensive. It can be small gifts and greeting cards, etc. And the final big thing you and him can do is eventually one of you guys will have to take the big leap to visit each other. And I think once you see him in person and he sees you then that will definitley help strenghten things. I think it depends on what stage you and him are on now. Guys sometimes don't like to rush things and they don't like to feel pressured. But talk it out with him and see where he is at with taking things to the next level. I was in a long distance relationship so I know how tough they can really be.

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