How to build a potential relationship with a classmate?Guys opinions appreciated?

I've noticed that a lot of people at my school are cliquey, and strangely enough moreso the guys. They are always hanging out together in common areas with their friends from sports or activities, it's rare to see them break away from their little pack. Say there's a guy who you find cute and you just might actually get along with him well given the right environment, say on a date or on a walk or just hanging out outside of school. You see this guy alone and start a conversation that doesn't expand past topics of teachers and classes. You want to continue having conversations with him and build a foundation but you don't have his number and who knows next time you'll a be lucky enough to cross paths when you're both alone! Lol what are the likely reactions if you were to just straight up ask for his number, or ask him to go on a walk to get to know each other, or just straight up say "hey would you like to go out/hang out sometime?"
Note: I am generally pretty good with guys, flirting and being chill comes naturally to me, it's just the matter of getting started (ie obtaining his number, getting the chance to sit down/walk and get to know him, find out how he may feel towards me)


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  • Don't ask for the walk say 'come for a walk' n watch him follow.. Then on ur own ask him for his number ;)

    • Lol I very well could do that, I'm very confident in myself for saying that, but I'm so unsure of how he'll react haha I've only had one solid conversation with him and it was all about school

    • If he doesn't you just say with a smile 'I guess you won't ever know what I had to say then!' and walk away. If he likes you it will drive him nuts!

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