Have you ever found interest in someone or dated someone the opposite (complete or halfway complete) of your personality?

Dating someone who has very different views from you. Let's say you have much more morals than that person you considered dating, would it be worth the time to even try and see if that'll work out?

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  • Yes.
    *I was introvert at the time, he was voted the "most social" in high school.
    *Way different styles of music
    *I was dressed modest and well-groomed, he wore t shirts of bands and the same pants everyday :P he also had piercings
    * I had good grades
    *He had horrible grades
    *He is really good at math, I suck at it.
    *I loved God, he hated God.
    *I hate smoking, he smoked
    The only thing that we had in common was that we enjoyed each others company and we both made each other laugh.

    • Yeah. I still wonder if it's really worth even giving the opposite girl a chance. I don't mind if she's the opposite of me as long as she can respect and accept my viewpoints and morals.

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    • Has he at least respected and accepted your differences rather than trying to change who you are when the two of you are in a relationship? I like to be happy but I don't want a woman who'll try to change me.

    • Yep! He always respected my religious beliefs and well everything else!

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