How long does it take a man to know for sure that he wants a woman to be his girlfriend? and ask her?

I have been dating this guy for almost 8 months but we haven't had the conversation about making it official yet.


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  • So he doesn't want a girlfriend.. only if you have the guts to make the first move

    • he always says I want to take things slow. does that mean he doesn't want a gf necessarily?

    • Wait until he decides.. if you want to of course.. otherwise tell him i want a relationship and i can't wait for you anymore.. this way you'll push him to decide.. that way will save you time and energy

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  • I've decided pretty much straight away, lol.

    • thank you. i feel like we know eachother well enough to know or not know...
      he did ask me to go on a road trip with him over the summer and talks about stuff we are going to do next year, so what does that mean?

    • He's putting it out there that he wants to spend time with you.

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  • you are wasting your time. during this time, a baby is almost full term about to be born but you think this guy doesn't know if he wants to date you or not. im sorry to say but he probably doesn't. it wouldn't take this long to be a couple if that's what he wanted, because clearly you want it so whats the hold up

    • I feel the same way. i think him being in a five year relationship before me and then started dating me 8 months later has something to do with it especially since he still talks to her, maybe he isn't over her.