How long do you wait before inviting your bf/gf to sleep over for the night?

Been dating for 2.5 months and have slept together, but not slept at each other's house overnight. At what point does that usually start.. who invites who?


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  • If you're a grown up you don't need to have a random ass fucking standard.

    For kids: About two months.

    • Standards aren't the answer but it's a staring point for getting an understanding of the norm. Thanks though

    • There is no norm. You're so dumb...

    • I like that you threw in a thing for kids that's really funny to me lol

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  • my girlfriend and I have slept over at each other's places a week after we started dating. I honestly didn't expect to sleep over the first time, it just sorta happened. and its been like that every weekend since.

  • My of 4 years started staying over after a week. We liked the company

  • It starts when u are comfortable with one another. if u have slept together that means u are comfortable and It doesn't matter who invite who. If you want to go ahead and invite him :3


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