Crush Taken and Moving, Cheating Girlfriend?

Well. I want to know if this is a good idea..
My crush is moving to another state in 6 days, which I am super sad about. He has a girlfriend. (I do not like her. She cheated on him, and I found out. She said if I tell him she would cut, so I haven't) I am throwing him a huge surprise party in one of my classes. So. Here comes the real question. Before he leaves (He will be broken up with his GF, they aren't doing long distance) I was going to get him alone. I wanted to kiss him on the cheek after a hug, then give him a letter that explains about his gf cheating, me having a crush on him, and how much I miss him. But I'll tell him not to open it till he is in his new house. Would you like this? Yes or No?

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  • both optins A and B lol... however i'd not wait and just give him a letter let him know before he leaves about his cheating girlfriend and our feelings for him... however seeing your post is already a month old i'll assume you've done something.. not seen any update on this so not sure if my advice holds any value at present time.
    also update us soon as to this and what as happened since if you will...


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  • Yes its the best thing you can do for him obviously it will hurt him to find out about the cheating but he deserves to know so he can move on hopefully a long distance relationship with u.


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