Did I offend him or did he just lose interest?

There's this guy who I met at school in September who I thought liked me. We flirted and studied together a lot and in October he invited me over to his place for drinks. I stayed over and we ended up kissing and cuddling but nothing more. He acted kind of distant the next week and the next weekend I texted him admitting that I liked him and wanted to hang out more. I asked if he felt the same way and he said he enjoyed hanging with me too but he just got out of a relationship and wasn't ready to jump into anything. To cover myself and keep from looking like an idiot I lied and said that's fine, I wasn't looking for anything serious either. I was annoyed so I was pretty cold toward him for the next month and a half, only said hi to be polite, etc.

Then in early December out of the blue he texted asking me to study. We studied together and when I first saw him he said "Hey, long time no see." I wanted to be like, "well you could've texted me to hang out but didn't..." After studying he asked me to come over and watch West Wing with him. I did, and once again we ended up cuddling, kissing, and I stayed over. Neither of us mentioned the awkward text in October. After that night we spent a lot more time together studying, he kissed me on the cheek once when he said goodbye, and we had some pretty long, deep conversations.

He texted me over winter break saying happy new year, how's your break, etc. We texted a bit at the beginning of the semester about jobs and internships and said hi when we saw each other. But he hasn't asked to hang out or study. At a school happy hour (with hundreds of people) about a month ago he appeared next to me more than once but didn't say anything. My friend told me later that he was checking me out and "wanted me so bad." But he still wouldn't come over and talk to me. I didn't say hi to him because I want him to initiate.

We haven't texted since early February (again, I've been waiting for him to initiate). Out of annoyance I

Part 2: deleted his number, figuring that if he really wanted to talk to me he would.

He hardly ever talks to me now and sometimes I feel like he's intentionally talking to every girl but me. We made eye contact today when I walked by him and his friends but neither of us said hi. I don't know what I did wrong. The only thing I can think of is that back in December when we were walking back to his building to watch West Wing two girls from my law school section (only about 100 of us so news
Part 3: travels fast) who live in his building saw us. I felt really awkward and texted him the next day asking if he thought they said anything to anyone because "I wasn't in the mood for gossip." He said he doubted it and "we could've been studying for all they know!" The morning after staying over I also left pretty abruptly and said no when he offered me coffee. We did study together after that and people saw us together. But now I'm worried somehow maybe I offended him when I said that?


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  • Got about 3 sentenced in and lost interested. Luckily i have Oreos so i ate those and finished.
    Few thoughts here.
    1. he's kind of a shy guy possibly and was nervous making the few moves he did and was hoping maybe you would Convey more interest in him.
    2. You said he could have text you whenever, however the reverse is also true. You could have texted him whenever you wanted rather than deleting his number.
    3. he's just confused and doesn't know what he wants. Not sure how he completely feels about you but enjoys your company. Maybe wants more but afraid to actually date.
    4. He doesn't think he has a shot with you. So why ever bother.

    I myself being a rather reserved and held back guy know if a girl didn't show much interest back in me or seemed to be playing hard to get / not showing her true feelings i feel as though she is purposely pushing me away.

    Only thing i can really say here is cut all the bullshit out. Find out where you stand. Either you 2 want to be together or you don't. Sometimes you just have to be blunt and to the point. Can clear everything up and you can continue to just be friends and study mates or w/e you are wanting to be.

  • I know I lost interest. :/


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