I feel too embaarasing because I asked help when I was weak?

I feel too embarrassing and discomfort because I asked help from my cousin in weak way. I was sick and shaking I had bad flue high tempreture and I was shaking like crazy so when I called him I was talking weak I said I will die pls help help I really felt I'm dieing but thanks god I'm fine. I called him because my car not working

But I feel embarrassing when I remember it all my family and friends know me I'm too strong but this time I was so weak Its really annoying me so what to do?

And anyone had like this experience?


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  • YES, it gets worse as you age.
    We ALL need help so be glad you gave the opportunity to repay your past strength/help otherwise people will avoid you b/c help is always a one way street and they feel a debt they can never pay off.


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