Can his story ever be believable?

We were the closest of friends for a year and dated for three months after that. a lot of emotion was involved. Then I finished school and had to go home and three weeks after long distance he broke up with me.

after that he blamed me for a while, said sorry, etc it was back and forth but never did he ask for me back. We still talked cause we've always been close. Couldn't stay away. I poured my heart out a few times about how I'm hurt and not over him and talking to him is hard.

two months ago i moved a little closer to him like an hour away for work. He's still on campus. We spoke last night about what happened and everything. And then I later asked him the bottom line: if he still loved me.

he sent me this long text saying the break up isn't a reflection of how he feels. He still loves me and doesn't know how to deal. Isolates himself and can't be positive and has been insensitive out of fear and in order to cover himself.

can he be believed after all my attempts?


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  • Sounds like he just doesn't want to lose his back up plan. Find a guy that WANTS you.
    You don't need to be running after him. He either likes you are he doesn't.
    If he really does like you he wouldn't risk you being single, he would make sure that everyone knew that you are his. He doesn't seem to care as long as you are there as a back up or quicky when he needs you.
    When you find a decent guy that WANTS you, this guy will whine and complain and say that he loves you. Don't be fooled by guys who don't really care about you as a person, sometimes they only looking for a back up plan or a piece of ass when times are dry. He either wants to be with you or he doesn't.


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