Young women, could you date a young bald guy who had to shave his head completely bald due to a condition?

My hairloss had been on my mind a lot and I seen another post on here about hair tonight so I figured I'd grow a pair and ask. Do young women find guys with shaved bald heads attractive or is it generally a turnoff? Brutal honesty-I admit looks are a part of attraction so I'm no hypocrite
(Also as a note I'm only 19)

  • I could find a young bald (shaved bald) guy attractive or date one
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  • Couldn't get past it easily
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  • Hair is very important, dating this young with no hair will be next to impossible
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Since it was put into debate what date means; I mean have a serious relationship with someone you have some romantic affection/attraction to, I'm sure most of you figured that haha but some couldn't so I thought I'd clarify. And thanks to those who who revealed that hair don't matter as much as axe wants us to believe!


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  • I personally find myself attracted to bald guys. There's somethig hard core and kind of rugged about it, so wear it with confidence!


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  • Young women, could you date a young bald guy who had to shave his head completely bald due to a condition?
    A. I could date a young bald (shaved bald) guy

    Though whether he'd date me is a tossup as it would be a sexless relationship since I won't have sex with him as I don't find him physically attractive. I find guys are all for gals seeing past looks until they realize no sex/sexual activity.

    • Then just say no and quit dicking around the point, I respect personal preferece but you put it in a condescending way. Unless you are serious which is sad bevause physical attraction is part of dating, and since you don't like it oh well, looks like a lot of others don't mind. I'm more old school anyway, if this makes me stand out from Justin Bieber wannabes who take pride in thier hair and not what they actually accomplish so be it.

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    • How do you know the other answers aren't by gals who don't find your definition of dating? Perhaps they multi-date, perhaps they only give sex after a relationship, perhaps they are waiting until marriage, perhaps they are affectionate.

      It could be even the gals who said yes... didn't state yes to your meaning of date.

    • I didn't string anything along. You did that by going on and on and on stating the guy is being mistreated... when he wants this. After you corrected yourself that was it.

      Then you seemingly started off on something new that my answer isn't an answer (possibly because you want to brush off any no to finding you attractive).

      You can keep responding. I'm done as you corrected your false statement. Plus you seem to want the last word- go at it. I won't be checking again.

  • My bf started loosing his hair at 17, took him a long time to come to terms with it. He now shaves it off completely. If u have a good smile and nice teeth and eyes hair reli isn't important.

  • Some guys look HOT bald! Like you can really see their facial structure. If it works for you, more power to you. I'd certainly date a bald guy anyday.

  • If you're a good person with a good heart I can careless if you're bald 😊 that's not going to stop me.

  • Doesn't matter. Its the personality that really counts!

  • (smiling)
    I have and do date men who shave their heads for purely aesthetic reasons =.


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  • I mean if you look good bald then why not? Some guy can pull it off, but most don't sadly :/

    You need to have some cold-hard confident to withstand all the question about why you bald at such a young age tho. Girls will dig the confident and it will be a bonus.

    • Well I don't mind I just tell em I had a scalp condition and I have better things to do with my head than grow hair. And Im told I look good with it, my face and head work well with it, the only drawbacks I have is 1- I'm slender, I won't say skinng because I work out and am decently toned but can't really gain much mass, 2-I'm not tall just average about 5'10 or 5'11, and 3-the doc who told me about my condition also told me I have skin that is two steps above a gingers, I can't tan well at all, so I'm kinda pale. But I posted a pic on here once and 12 out of 14 girls said I pull it off good, people in person say they like it, and say while it makes me look older, it only puts me at like 21 or 22 so that is fine. I must thankfully be that minority's that looks good with it.

    • haha alright then! Get out there and show the world!

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