I have a girlfriend but there's another girl. Please help?

To start I'm a 13 year old boy. I've been in a lot of short relationships lately and I just started a new one 2 months ago. It's been going well. I have a friend that's a girl. We've been really close since middle school started. We tried dating once but it wasn't working out. I have always had a crush on her. She has a boyfriend that she has been with for over a year. Just recently she attempted suicide. I had to get her to never try again. I told her that I loved her and that I would be lost without her. She said she felt the same way towards me. We have been talking for the past week and I'm really falling for her. I really love my gf but I love her too. I have to decide between her and my gf and she has to decide between me and her bf. I don't know what to do. What should i do? I NEED someone's opinion on this. Please help

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  • such drama at such a young age. if you are absolutely sure that you care about the other girl more, don't hurt your current girlfriend by cheating. tell her honestly about how you feel and help her understand that if your heart cares about the other girl more, and yet you still continue your relationship with your girlfriend, it will only hurt all three of you in the long run. however, you need to understand whether you actually care about the other girl more or not because in messy situations such as saving one from suicide, the other girl will naturally feel more dependent on you because you were there at her worst time and may confuse that dependency as love. you may also feel the need to protect her because of her gratitude for you saving her and you may feel that you love her because you are worried as a friend that she may hurt herself again if you aren't by her side at every moment. do not let yourself nor the other girl confuse love with dependence/caring about a close friend. if either or both of you confuse these feelings and emotions, the ending will be the same: all three of you will be hurt. so sort out your feelings properly first, and let your friend sort hers out too


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