Confused. Is it okay I am upset?

So I have liked this guys for over a year now and he has liked me. We just kind of happened while he was on the rebound... & yes, I know, terrible idea. His ego was hit because he planned on breaking it off with his girl but before he could he found out she cheated. (Only two days after he decided he needed to end the relationship because he didn't have feelings there, it was only for fun) & then he comes to me. Great chemistry. We have a lot in common... He tells me how much he likes me and that he is scared of that a little because he doesn't know my feelings... Yet he is still in contact with his ex. His ex who is on the "I wish I could have you back" phase. They also work together... & it is starting to bug me. I don't know what to do. He doesn't want people to know that he is seeing me but still does pda in front of them or just stares at me in front of our friends and tells me how beautiful I am.

Any advice? We are going away this weekend & I am nervous to allow my feelings to get caught up any more.
Am I in a position to be upset if he says he's about me but this is the situation?

I guess these feelings came up when I went on Facebook and just keep seeing her liking all of his statuses and pictures. I don't get it. If you want to get over someone, leave them in the past... Especially if it's fresh right? They've been broken up for two months and we've been talking since then but flirting for a year.


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  • First of all he should have broke it off with his girl if that is what he was planning before getting with you. It's always bad to jump into another relationship right away. The fact he doesn't want anyone to know about you and him is a bad sign. If I was you I wouldn't hang around him anymore. He's a walking disaster.

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