I don't wanna spoil my BF, I mean what has he done for me recently to make me feel special?

I know I shouldn't count everything like "taking turns" mentality. but for example 2 days ago when we hung out, he drove here to my place. Once he got here, I'm the one that drove us around the area. I also saved him pizza from the dinner I had and stopped by at MCD to get a frappe, I got him one as well. we have decided to meet up today, and I am gonna go to his place because we miss each other. I was thinking of preparing him dinner and bring it to him when I go there, but like what exactly has he done for me recently to make me feel special even in the smallest way?

Even the last time I went to his place, I made him a sandwich. I don't expect anything in return but I just wish, he surprises me with little things to show his love for me. Am I wrong?


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  • You gave him a leftover piece of pizza, made him a sandwhich with his food and bought him a frappe and you're bitching about him not doing anything for you? Seriously, you sound pretty selfish. What have you done to make him feel special, besides buying him a frappe and holding it against him?

    • how is that selfish? all im saying is I want a little something on his part. Like show me he appreciates me.

    • As far as why I said you seemed selfish, the way that your question was worded made it seem like you did one thing for him, got pissed off because he didn't do something for you and came up with two more weak examples to try and make a case for yourself. I didn't say that you were selfish, I just said that you sounded that way. If you're really not feeling appreciated, talk to him. Communication is an important component in a relationship and he's not capable of reading your mind. Something that may seem obvious to you, probably isn't to him.

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  • I don't think iether part should be keeping a tally.


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  • You are what I refer to unfortunately here, dear, as an Enabler for this guy. He knows you will always be there to pick up the pieces for him, give any other 'Pieces' of the pie that you have, including even giving him the shirt off your own back, should he need it.
    He doesn't feel he has to give you anything in return because you are doing it all and he feels with his Presence and keeping you company, This Is-----Make me feel special in the smallest way.
    You could talk to him until you are blue in the face and it wouldn't change a thing. The only 'Thing' you can really do is either stop what you are doing or give him his walking papers and find someone who can appreciate you and do his very best on his own To------Surprises me with little things to show his love for me.
    You are Not 'Wrong.' He is taking you for granted, mistaking your kindness for weakness and Not pulling his own weight in this soul mate Take.
    Good luck. xx

    • OMG thank you for this.

    • You are so welcome, silkteddy... girls like you do not grow on trees with your heart of gold... however, guys like This, easily take one for granted when they see that they are treated like Kings and feel they have to do nothing, not even bow down to you. xxoo