Do u think if he means something by that?

Ok there this guy in my gym, he is trainer n he usually says hi to me n chat for a while n he even asked me if i wanna get a trainer. Then some days ago he asked whether i have bf. N i said no. And later on i asked him if he is done n going back home, it was 11pm n he was like why do u wanna treat me to cinema n i was like oh its late. Does this means anything or he was just curious or something. N after that i didn't see him n i have his number tho but its weird if i start chatting caz the last time he didn't reply me so it means he ended the chat. So i basically has no idea if he means anything or no, please help! :P


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  • Sounds as though he is interested in you. Score for you, and you seem like a cool chick, so score for him too

  • I guess he was just kidding with that cinema par...
    You dont know if he said hi and had chats with you or everyone?

    • Umm he seem like a quiet guy n so far i didn't see him talking to anyone else except his client, n he is not a trainer in my gym, he come sometimes :P

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