Best way to propose a girl?

Umm we've been dating for quite a long period and we both like each other till death
What could be the best way one can say I love you and all that in a situation like mine?
ik she loves me back So it's a win win situation
All that matters is the celebration of the victory
How I can make it memorable for her? 😊


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  • It depends entirely on the woman...

    How you propose should take into account what kind of person she is - is she the type that likes a big public display? Or would she be embarrassed by that sort of thing? Is she crazy about surprises? Or is she more of the low-key type?

    • Yeah she likes surprises and am not good at it
      And yeahh she'll like it in public 😕

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    • So.. uhhh... DO you love each other? That's kind of an important question here...

    • Yeahh we guys do love each other :)

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  • First you have to wonder if she like to be the center of attention.
    Some women would love something more public but some also would love to keep it private.
    It really depends on how she is. If she's into crazy romantic stuff or something meaningful to your relationship.

    • Yeahh she likes to be the centre of attraction
      So I guess i'll have to do it where more and more people are there to watch us

  • There are so many ways just do some hw on it!!! Id love if a guy used a football and wrote marry me on it and got on one knee set the ball down and pulled a ring out!!

    • Thank you
      I'll keep that in mind :)

    • Welcome.

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  • Don't, marriage is a sham

  • Doing it at all is memorable.

    • Mmhm
      I see Thank you :)

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