I need help - I've never dated online.

So I play MMOs online and I met this amazing guy. He's really sweet and I totally fell for him in the short time we've known each other. But Mr. Perfect is married and living with his Wife. he says they are only married for convenience but I don't know if I should keep going with this. I'm afraid of loving a married man ya know? He sent me this amazing expensive bear that's customized with his name and its wonderful. We do talk on the phone but he says that he can only talk to me when his wife isn't around and when she is he still tells me he loves me. but idk. what should I do?

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Oh and he won't tell me how old he is, he just keeps telling me that he is way older than me.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I say walk away as well. Even he is telling the truth here, what's to keep him from doing the same to you later?

    Also: Girl playing MMOs! HAWT! :P

    • MMO's are the sh*t <3

    • They are! I wish they could make VR MMOs like .hack or something. That would be it, they would have to declare me legally dead.

    • Omg I wish they would. Id be dead with you >.<

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What Guys Said 3

  • My advice is to walk away. Cut all contact and move on with your life.

    He's already proved he's untrustworthy. How can you be sure that he's not sweet talking six other girls? The marriage-of-convenience lie is usually the first thing out of a cheater's mouth...

    Cut your loses, try to learn from your mistakes.

    Good luck.

  • Talk to her. If it really is only for convenience then he won't mind. Honestly though messing with someone who is married never ends well.

  • dont do it

    dont you think if it was really meant to be that he wouldn't be married?


What Girls Said 2

  • Shoot - you figured me out... the bear you got was from me >_< dangit!

    lol... do cut him loose though. If it weren't for the married part, I'd say, see what happens/what develops. But there is no good in store for you with this man. Just my opinion though.

    PS - what MMO's? I am limited to only the free ones :( (FOR NOW!...)

    • Lol I do the free ones too, and right now I'm addicted to Perfect World International

  • He sounds like a douche. Dump his ass.

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