How to convey my feelings to my boyfriend if I'm shy?

I'm trying to be more open with my boyfriend.
I've always been really shy even as a kid. It got worse as I was forced to live with my dad and our relationship was really messy and I just started closing off more and more.
Now I'm with my boyfriend and opening up again just seems so hard. He's so confident and outgoing. Anything he wants to say to me, he just comes right out and says it without giving things a second thought. But I feel like everything with me seems forced. I truly believe in what I'm saying to him I just can never get the delivery right. Everything comes out like a meek whisper. Sometimes when I muscle the courage to tell him I lie him it comes out so quietly that he doesn't even hear me say it.
I just don't want him to think I dot feel the same way about him. Because I do, I just think it instead of saying it. He's helped me so much. He says thins I'm too embarrassed to say. He can read my face to tell me what emotion I'm in. He can make me so happy an he can get me out of my shell, but I can't even even tell him that I think he's wonderful. I just feel so stupid. How can I convey my feelings to him and do it confidently?

Just today we were talking and he said he wished I could be more verbal about my feelings


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  • Find a romantic song that describes how you feel about him and send it to him. Let the music do the talking for you. He will like it :)

    • I just want to be able to say it myself and not have someone else say it for me. I want him to know my own feelings

    • 10 seconds of bravery ;)

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