Girls, why do you think that the Right Guy will come to you?

When asked about approaching, most girls reply that they get asked out enough that they don't feel the need to ask out anyone, plus they don't care. Okay, understood.

But you don't want to be with anyone, do you? You want to be with the right guy, The One if I may say. So shouldn't you be ALSO searching for the right guy while he's searching for You (the right girl)? Or you expect the right guy to do all the work?

This is just a friendly discussion. No one needs to be rude.

Thanks! :)


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  • I've been wondering whether or not guys appreciate girls approaching them... I guess in a lot of girls minds they think "well if he really likes me he'll come to me" but I suppose it's often forgotten that were all shy and fear rejection regardless of our sex. My personal concern is that the guy wouldn't take me as seriously if I asked him out as he would if he had asked me out (if that makes sense). There is a guy I've had one conversation with recently that I would love to get to know better, and I really do think he could be a great match for me (but one step at a time😅). However I don't know if he would be comfortable with me asking him out, or really even just for a walk around campus, since we haven't spoken much? What do you think?

    • I can't speak for all men, but me and my friends love when girls take the first step. Society tells us that men are the ones that have to do the job, and wome just wait, so when the girl doesn't give a fuck about that and makes the approach, it shows us she's really interested, so she instantly gets. my whole attention and she wins a huge load of points. So go ahead, approach, most guys will love that, it shows attitude and ambition.

    • Alright I guess I'll go for it lol thanks!

    • If I was in his place and you asked me out then I would think very high of you. It's not about fear or rejection, I don't have any problem asking a girl I like out on a date, I just want for both sides to be upfront about it. If two people are trying to be together, then an equal amount of effort should be expected from both of them, don't you think? It's just what I think, I'm interested to know what others opinion are on this topic.

      Anyways, good luck! :) @Jadore

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  • You're right, I don't want to be with just anyone, I want the right guy. So personally, I actually did some work too and I've asked guys out before. I do not expect the right guy to do all the work.

    • Awesome. I'm happy that you think that way. :)

  • I didn't really date a whole lot before meeting my boyfriend (future husband ) but I felt that God would put the right man in my life, I also had a lot of male friends so I had options and got to see if they had potential. My boyfriend was actually my best guy friend before, and he's still my best friend even now :)

    • Great! But most guys/girls aren't lucky enough to have one person be the best friend and also the lover.

      I'm happy for you though. Congrats.

    • Thanks :)

  • sure!
    i put effort too i mean if i know he's the one i won't be like yeah i dont care... i let him know how i feel... cuz i learned that you never know how much time you have or when people leave you so just enjoy the moment :)


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  • That's what I am trying to do it, and staying virgin in Germany is hard as fuck

  • It's more important women maintain their pride than get what they want.

    • Unfortunately, pride and desire doesn't go hand in hand.