Ok guys honestly do you like it better when a girl plays hard to get or when she tells u she likes you and wants to be with you?

I have a guy im talking falling I really like him and we were getting along great hanging out and stuff. I told him I have feelings for him and he like really backed off we talk still via phone but we haven't hung out in like 3 weeks! I don't know if it's just because he's busy and goes to another school or if its because I said I liked him.

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  • Easy forsure, i think this girl i like now is playing hard to get. Sometime she doesn't sit beside me and ignores my texts. wen we are in person she always flirts with me and teases me. Honestly i get mad when she does this cause in person she is amazing. During text she is horrible. I would rather her just be easy all the time. It's just my opinion.


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  • I feel like women don't understand these sort of things, I feel as if they like guys that are a little harder to get and not "thirsty" because they're so used to so many guys hitting on them. So they try to reciprocate that onto men, men don't get approached as frequently, so when a girl that we're attracted to does approach us it feels great.

  • It's generally men who are used to dealing with a lot of women who want the chase. Thats partly because they, having the most experience with women, can pretty much dominate the field when it comes to women who are hard to figure out. Most men, especially the shy, quiet types, like a woman who isn't absurdly hard to figure out.

  • I voted hard to get but don't be too hard. Act hard to get but don't really be hard to get. If it annoys us in the slightest, we won't like it but just kinda being fun with it can never hurt :3

  • Actually playing hard to get is usually seen as a rejection, rather than a sign of interest. Most of the guys who pursue that are the kind of guys who dont like to take no for an answer, to anything...

    • Yes, women who play hard to get attract the worst types of men partly because the decent men will not want to waste her time or their own when a girl is not interested. They don't want to bother her because they're considerate. A guy who is relentlessly aggressive with only sex on their mind doesn't care about your feelings, anything that increases his chances are fair game to him.

  • I hate women in general. \o/


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