Expressing affection or asking them out?: Which is better?

Say a guy or girl has a crush on a friend or someone they known for a while. If they start to develop feelings is it better to ask the person out " im gonaa go watch that movie Friday , do you wanna come?"or to tell them "hey, X, I like you a lot"

The one situation hints it and the other out right let's it know how they feel. Which one would you advise whether you are the confessor or the recipient of the words

  • Expressing affection
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  • Asking them out
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  • In situation where you know someone for a while, it better to let them know how you feel first, then ask them out if they feel the same way. So they don't think it just hanging out.

    For complete stranger, it better to ask them out, they will assume you are interested in them already, no need to tell, and if they interested in you, they will agree for a date.

    Got it?


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  • Ask them out and then be affectionate on the date. It's best to make sure you say it's a date at some point in them out because, "im gonna go watch that movie Friday . Do you wanna come?" could easily be misinterpreted as just hanging out with a friend.

  • If you two are close enough that they would either want to be a couple or not express feelings.

    In all other cases ask them out.

  • If you're a girl: expressing affection.
    If you're a guy: asking them out

    • Are saying what they should say or should receive from the opposite sex? And why is it different between guys and girls?

    • What they should say. Bc guys usually have to ask the girl out

  • Why not both?

    • You can have both. The difference here really is the timing of the admission of feelings. Asking them out would mean expressing themselves later as opposed to immediately when revealing their like

    • I really like you, why don't we go see a movie together?
      That is both of those at the same time. I see no reason to wait

    • That would be expression of feeling, but I hear you?