Is OKC manly just a hook up site?

Is OKC mainly just people looking for casual hookups are has anyone had success with LTR's from the site?

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  • I had a year long relationship with someone I met on OkCupid, but that was 8 years ago now, when they still had the dating personality type thing etc. Not been on very much for years, the site and its user base could have changed a lot in the intervening time.


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  • I've had some success i. e. a few LTRs of severals months.

  • Have not met a single person from OKC... nor have urge to respond to any messages... mostly creeps, either way too young or way too old... many of which didn't even attend college... poor quality pool of men to pick from... but am keeping my profile up... still hopeful... or maybe I should just go back and watch Bridget Jones for the nth time. What do you suggest I use?