Does asking a girl out a second time hurt?

So there is this girl I know. She rejected me about 5 months ago. Anyway we are good friends and she just blushed and said that I am so sweet, then she said no. She has rejected every guy that has asked her out and it makes me wonder if I should ask her out again. Does it hurt more if she rejects you again? Also her family is part Iranian so... maybe their are religious/social aspects I don't know about?


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  • Has anything changed in the last 5 months between you guys? If not, don't.

    • Does it hurt to ask her why she doesn't date any guys... or is that pushing the limits? Our friendship is good, but not like super close.

    • Yeah, you can ask like nonchalantly.

    • K. Thanks for the help :)

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  • Oh irinian girls are so hard to get a date with!
    i have a dear friend who i tried asking out a bigillion times and she always turned me down! it very much has to do with her culture bro...

    • I hear you loud and clear. Thanks for the tip

  • If you think your relationship has changed a lot during that time, you could ask. Otherwise, 6-month rule.

    • Yep gotta wait another month and 1/2 then :)

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    • I had a feeling... also I am really gullable. One time a friend said hey your shoelaces are untied and I looked down (I wasn't wearing shoes) and then she said "hey gullible is written on the cieling, and I looked on the cieling

    • It's okay. That word didn't exist before the 80's anyway. That's why it's not in the dictionary.