Is this wrong or am I being too sensitive?

I have been dating this girl for a few weeks after she and her boyfriend broke up (she hated the way that she treated him). Now, he still comes over and takes her home from work sometimes (her car is not working and her parents only have one car that is functional). He comes by her house after work to check up on her even though they are through. Am I being too controlling by not wanting her to be texting, calling and seeing her ex?


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  • It appears without it being etched in stone here, dear, that she and her so-called "EX" still have a bond they share and a special friendship that they developed and a civil relationship that has not been broken, For----------He comes by her house after work to check up on her...
    If you and her do not have an agreement of being exclusive or are even official right now, she is most likely feeling she has free reins to still talk to her Ex and even still keep in contact with him. In that case, you by rights don't have many rights right now.
    It's obvious to me with some writing on the wall and all that you could very well be a rebound in her life, and that she hasn't gotten over him nor wants to put him in the back seat right now but keep him riding up in front with her, let's say.
    You need to sit her down and have a long talk with her about how you feel and where you both stand. This is turning into what I refer to as a "Triangle threesome," where you are at the top, looking down, side to side, at the both of them.
    However, if you have this agreement and she is asked by you to comply with you about this guy, then if she hymns or haws and continues down this path with him, then do some soul searching as to where you Really Do... stand with her.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He's only doing what she's allowing. You can't be mad at him.
    If she truly wanted nothing to do with him... She'd let it be known and act on it.

  • She shouldn't be holding on to him in my opinion. It would hurt me if a guy was displaying that behavior toward an ex. She probably isn't over him, maybe she needs time.


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