Hey guys👦 ! what would you want for your 21st/22nd bday from your gf?

besides sex, what do you want that would make you feel special. I don't have a car he's the one with it so please give me some ideas..


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  • Today (right now) is my 26th birthday)

    • Happy birthday man! Hope you had/have a great day!! *send out vibrations of love and happiness*

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  • "besides sex" well, that certainly limits most suggestions. Just remember, get him something he'll actually enjoy. Like a video game or something he actually wants.

    Don't buy him something to make him " feel special", that's what a girl would want, he's a guy, we don't give a shit about "meaningful" gifts. Find out what he really likes, and make a decision based on that.

    • he doesn't even know himself like he did mention je wants a Jameson bottle like he specifically told me and this mutual friend who I doubt would buy him it "if you wanna get me something for my birthday get me that "

    • Then get him that lol. Don't be worried about your gift not being something he really wants, or if it may disappoint him. I'm sure he just wants a bj or something anyway, but if that's what he says to get him, then get it.

      He's not excepting some miraculous gift, most guys don't. We're very simple, so don't worry about it.

  • I'm aware that you said "besides sex", but I'm going to completely ignore that Give the dude some head.

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