Kissing a guy friend on the last day of school EVER.

So that's not the question. But 'should I?' is. So today is my last day of school ever! And tonight we go on a pub crawl thing. There's this guy who's been in my frees and we've been friends for 2 years, and I have liked him on and off, I think he's liked me on and off. So should I tell him? Or kiss him? Help?


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  • Kiss him! Chances are good that if he has even thought about you in a "more than friends" way even once, then he wouldn't mind a kiss. Plus, if it turns out that he really doesn't enjoy it, you can always chalk it up to having too many drinks. It is a pub crawl after all.

    Now if you actually want to start a real relationship, I wouldn't recommend it. Talking would probably help that situation.


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