Is it normal not to like a girl like this?

Is it not normal to like a girl that doesn't have much to say but still demands that you talk with her? I mean she doesn't have anything to say but you have to drag every word out of her because she doesn't like to say anything.

Otherwise she will get upset. So you are pretty much left spending a couple of hours each day making her laugh while she barely says anything back to contribute to the interaction. I mean I feel like her personal entertainer and not someone she dates.

Or she gets easily bored and is most of the time bored. Even when she has one or two hobbies she has nothing to say about them. I mean she says one sentence but that's about it.

A lot of girls I have dated were like this and I got easily tired and bored of them. I mean even if you don't feel like you do not have anything good to say, just say it. How was your day, what did you saw on the bus anything works.

Staying with someone that does not have anything to say back and you have to do everything for her makes you feel bad like you are not good for them or you are doing something wrong. I mean sure, it might happen a couple of times, but when this is a regular pattern it gets to you.


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  • Have you tried telling her that this is frustrating for you?
    I can totally see why this would be annoying.
    If she actually gets angry with you for something that is her problem, (and if she doesn't want to work on it) there is probably no point in continuing the relationship, because that would be a waste of time, when you could be with someone who can keep up a conversation with you and not make you feel bad for it.


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  • If its a regular pattern, maybe girls are extremely bashful in front of you. Do you text or message them? If so, do they have stuff to say in the messages?

    • Nop, almost nothing, I do not get why they are like that. Some of them look down and can't even look me straight in the eyes. It's really hard to manage them because you have to work extra hard to get them to feel comfortable.

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    • She kissed me and would send me kiss emoticons. But she would not say much to me so I do not know. I am just trying to figure out maybe I should change my approach to increase my chances with girls.

    • Talking to her will be your best bet. Tell her you need her to contribute to the conversation

  • Agreed, if she wants to date anyone she is going to have to speak. She doesn't have to become outgoing but she should at least be comfortable around her freakin BOYFRIEND! If you dump her tell her this and maybe she will learn.


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  • Holy cactus. I'm not the only one who has experienced this? It's such a drag. You're not alone. I feel the same way.

    Fortunately I've met some chatterboxes in my lifetime and that's always interesting. As talkative as women can be, I've never had to tell one to shut up, nor was I annoyed that she felt like sharing cute little details about her day.

    On the flip side, a girl with nothing to talk about drives me nuts, because like you mentioned, they have needs and they get upset if you dont start blowing wind. I'm with you there. That's not my type of deal.

    • Ohh, yeah. Girls who have something to say are the best kind of women. Even if she looked like a bombshell, not having anything to say is what brings my interest in her down in a couple of weeks. And not judging what you say constantly is another big plus.

      Shy, insecure or just boring girls are the worst people to date. You have to work a lot harder to do anything with them. And then if anything goes wrong, it is still your fault. Because you are the man lol. What a bunch of irresponsible losers.

  • I think this is pretty normal. Many times girls like this end up with guys who are the same way, and they live sad pathetic lives. Get someone who is passionate and intellectually stimulating.

    cred ca este foarte normal se nuts place o fata asa. My Romanian is sloppy, but salutations from Canada, fellow Romanian!

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