Boys: does him not responding to my text mean that he doesn't like me or wanna see me?

I have this good guy friend who admitted to liking me. he introduced me to his best friends, kisses me and hugs me a lot. we have gone out 3 times this month and were good friends before. The problem is that I texted him yesterday telling him that I’d be home this coming weekend and asking if he wanted to do something. He has not even responded to my text! I don’t know what to do! Could it be because he dosen't like me? It does not make sense to me why he won’t text back and say he’s busy at least (we were great friends before this too)...I'm sooo confused...


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  • Call him and ask. Yeesh. No offense, but you girls obsess WAY too much on the text thing. Most of my friends don't respond to have the texts they get. Neither do I. It's a medium for conveying information. If he hasn't responded and you're worrying about it, just call him and find out.


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