Opinions on online dating?

I'm curious on what people's opinions on online dating are? I recently started it, and went on a few dates. Most of the dates were duds, but I did go on a date last night and had an awesome time. I can only hope that there might be another to come ;). Anyone else have other experiences/thoughts/opinions?


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  • What was once taboo is now becoming more and more mainstream. The last guy I dated was from Online Dating. Things didn't work out unfortunately but he was a really decent guy. I just didn't feel there was much chemistry, but we still talk every so often. Just be a bit more skeptical than usual and to be on your 'guard'... and I'd like to tell myself not to set any expectations. Just think of it as meeting new people, and whatever happens... happens. Don't dwell over the "Why didn't he call me, like he said?!" :)


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  • their are numerous people that meet online.

    online dating is fine.

    just as long as you chat with people near by.

    you don't want to fall in love with some one on the other side of the continent.

    i new a girl over the net for 4years(believe it or not). internet chat turns into phone talk, then sending text and pics. eventually wanting to meet each other but we never did and we still left with the urges.

    any questions just ask.

  • I have done it. It can be alright sometimes, but I noticed a lot of people on the online dating websites have a reason why they're doing online dating.


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