Should I pursue her?

On Saturday i girl that i was looking at came up to me while playing pool with my friend and brother and she made sure i was on her team and she was a really lovely girl and i liked her and she liked me a lot but she told me that she was engaged to someone else for a year but she kept playing with her ring and wanting off and she said if it wasn't for the fact she was engaged to her bf then she would be mine.
and we continued getting know each other and we went to a club and we danced and played more pool and then she was flirting and holding my hand and i wanted kiss her but knew she was engaged. but the questions i keep asking myself are
1. do i keep pursuing her?
2. is cheating because i am single but she engaged?
3 . do i just be her friend?
4. do i leave her alone and do nothing?
5. do i let marry this guy because i really like her?

  • puruse her and she what happens
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  • leave her alone
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  • be her friend
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  • no it cheating
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  • it was just a night of fun and over think it
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  • She belongs to another here, dear, and with her being 'Engaged,' she may be feeling in a bit of a romantic rut right now and this is her reason for this season For------Flirting and holding my hand.
    You are not the first guy who has been 'Played,' let's say. With starting off with pool and not so cool with her situation with what it is, even if she gave him up tomorrow and started in with you, this doesn't mean it is your own Cue to think for one minute she won't drop you and go back to him... you in essence, could end up a rebound or remain in her back pocket as a fill in.
    Keep it lite and semi sweet and don't wear your heart on your sleeve. You don't know what her current condition is with him and no matter what it is or isn't is, don't end up in a Triangle Threesome, where you are at the top, looking down, from side to to side, at the both of them.
    Like in pool, there are many Sticks to choose from and with girls, many Picks as well... shoot for someone else who is available and who you can win over.
    Good luck. xx

    • thanks for the advice :)

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    • wow you seem like a wise lady

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to Continue my Confidence of Yes... being a wise ol owl as well.:)) xxoo

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  • Dude... put the shoe on the other foot... would you want some guy pursuing your future wife?

    The fact that she was coming on to you, shows what type she is.

    Who knows she may just be getting you to come on to you, so she and tell her fiancé you were hitting on her. Some chicks are weird like that... need the drama.

    Best to avoid her and stay out of trouble... why get yourself into a potential crapload of drama?

    • thats a good point. but it doesn't make sense why she was away from bf

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