Girls what would you think if a guy who is interested in you told u he wants to have a serious talk?

So ok girls what would you do if a guy that is interested in you and you aren't really interested in him, but you could be also be interested, this question can be answered both ways. If he sent you roses with a nice personal note saying what he thinks of you, and then wanted to have a talk to basically tell you how he feels about you and to see where the relationship was going cause you as the girl haven't been clear on it and he hates playing games so he just wants to get to the point to either make the relationship work or move on. In this case what would do? Be honest and answer his questions or lie and keep stringing him along? And you know for a fact he is really into you!

  • What would you think of him sending you the rose, nice thoughtful gesture
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  • Sorry, but if she is not interested and you know that, you're wasting your effort and it's probably just going to make her uncomfortable.

    If you're unsure of whether she likes you or not, I still think it's overkill to send roses - roses are a flower of LOVE, not interest. If you're set on sending her flowers, go with a mixed bouquet or spring flowers or something. I'd suggest, though, not doing flowers at all and just straight up talking to her about it.

    The problem with sending or giving gifts to someone as your initial approach is that it places guilt and pressure on that person. Like, if a guy randomly sent me a bouquet of flowers and then confessed feelings for me, which we had not previously discussed, I'd feel really guilty about turning him down if I wasn't interested. Personally, I still would turn him down, but a lot of women are too freaking nice and would feel guilted into saying yes, only to have to reject the guy later on when it's gonna hurt even more.

    • Thanks this is like sending the roses to tell her no matter what happens Im ok with it not to guilt her about it And to make her uncomfortable about it and I'll tell her in the initial conversation that the roses mean how much I like her and care for her but no matter what she says I'm gonna be ok with everything. I never buy gifts for a girl to buy them I get her because I feel something nice once in a while will lighten up a day.

    • Whether or not that is your intent is irrelevant... will still have the same impact. She'll feel bad rejecting you, if that's what she wants to do.

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  • it's really sweet, but if I wasn't interested it would give me a big headache because it is such a sweet gesture

    • It would give you a a headache? Why? Just talk to the guy, if he's that nice and thoughtful to do something like that, don't you think he will be ok to tell him the truth in how you really feel instead of stringing him along and him being uncertain, it's about honesty and communication.

  • Kinda cute :) I might look into it, and see what he wants to say.

    • Thanks! see, I don't mean for it to be a thing about pressure

  • I would tell him to fuck off I'm done with guys shit and I'm not falling for this so go die in a hole


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