Was my ex just trying to hurt me?

So I guess you could call me the neglectful kind of asshole boyfriend. me and my girlfriend had plans to move out she was throwing out everything for me her family was going to cut her off. She backed out last minute even though I gave her numerous times to back out before this hut she insisted. She was always saying I don't care was very emotional and crazy about me.

She always said she was going to make a lot of money in the future marry someone rich when I first met her. I had to talk to her about some important stuff coming up (background investigator talking to her, becoming a cop) a month after breakup I was completley non confrontational. She was giving me attitude and looked very emotional. I apologized for how things ended just told her I was really stressed in the academy. She brought up everything I did wrong in the relationship saying she felt used and worthless.

I apologized and even asked if we can make things work again. she went on to tell me all her friends hate me etc .. she said 'this might sound shallow but I want to live a luxury and upper class life style and I'm sorry but a cop doesn't do it'

didn't even notice that comment till a couple days later. Can't believe in disregarded it. No idea how you could be so emotional about someone and say you love and then just say that and mean it.

This chick is 18 and I'm going to be making close to 6 figures my first year with overtime? I mean I think that is a solid living.


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  • she wasn't just trying to hurt you it's what she genuinely believes, and if everyone close to her says you're bad news then you're bad news

    • I feel like all friends say that because all my friend never liked her either. Don't think I'm that bad if a person. Anyways her parents make less money than me so I don't get it? I'm humble about what I do but she made. me feel low class. It's her first year of college I mean really.

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    • I don't think someone would say that just to get even. I mean if she was it just means she's a horrible person

    • I rather have her mean it just to hurt me than her to actually mean that. I told her I'm not going to marry her. Is a 18 year old girl really going to get more money than that from someone else? I was willing to help pay for her college and she just said im not good enough.

      This girl asked me for back the next day after breaking up hysterically crying too.

      Think only a horrible presin would say this and actually mean it.

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  • Start fresh with someone else, I'm sorry but you are a cop, have a job and actually do something with your life. She's whinning, and sounds spoiled.

    • You think that was just to say something or send a message? She was pissed at me complaining that I don't care about her.

    • I'm thinking she was forced to stay because of her mom was too scared to come along with me.. so to justify her actions instead of just admitting she's too scared she says something like this. Get one over. me finally since apparently I was the worst boyfriend in history. Also the day after she broke up she called me hystericallycrying aaking to make things work. I told her if she made a decision she should stick with it. Told her she should see other people. It was merely a sugguesting tk rethink everything. She took it as a solid rejection I guess.

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  • Hurt you>?

    • As if I'm some piece of icandy she was just going through a phase with. She made it seem like your not even good enough for me by saying that.