Cute girl in my college library?

There is this cute girl in my college library, I see her quite often when I'm studying. I do want to date her. Have no clue what to do.


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  • I remember being in this exact situation many years ago and I was the very studious and shy type when it came to guys and really wished the guy would have approached me and started a conversation with me instead of just staring from across the library. My advice find out what she is studying or what she does in the library and offer to help her out and on the side or ask her if she can take a break from studying and get a cup of coffee with you. You could offer her a cup of coffee and ask her what she is studying and if you are familiar with the subject help her with that subject.

    • Can a person just walk Ito a girl and offer her a cup of coffee. That's unusual

    • Well, if your both working together on a project or school related stuff and have been sitting near each other for a while and you or her started a conversation on the side while doing your schoolwork for two or more hours then when you do take a break ask her if she wants some coffee, a snack, or a drink from the cafeteria. She might be the type of person that does not want to leave the library until she gets her work done, I know I was that type of person, and if one of my classmates or someone, who would occasionally sit next to me in the library would start up initial conversations with me while doing my schoolwork and I was familiar with them I would gladly accept the offer from them.

    • Good points, I'll take that into account

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  • walk by with a stack of 15 books, drop them all in front of her and let her pick them up for you, look into her eyes, smile. bam.

    • Lol i can't cause a scene like that

    • then approach her and ask where something is, for instance. "hi, sorry do you know where the research center is?" etc. And try to go from there.

  • Start by talking to her

    • What would you say

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    • Ok thank you!

    • Yup, good luck!!

  • Just approach her.
    Say something nice like "I think you're really cute" and then ask for her number. That simple.
    If she says no, you get to walk away without any hurt feelings, because you would have ended the same way if you didn't. Gotta take some risks in life.


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