Girls, would you be upset with your guy in this situation?

I have been seeing this girl about 2 months now and things are going really well.

I am going on a 2 day trip with a good friend I made about 6-7 months ago at the beginning of school who is a girl. (girlfriend couldn't go/had already been) We decided to just get a one bed hotel room as we found a great deal and location that was still cheaper than a hostel. I have no interest in this girl romantically, we are just friends always have been. People do find this hard to believe as she is a tall blonde who people tell me is very pretty and can't see why I don't try to date her.

So girls, would you be upset in this situation? Is it something that might make you feel a bit uncomfortable but you don't mind all that much? Would you be trusting enough to just not care at all?

If you would be upset by this, would there be anything I can do to help with that? I am not a fan of lying, but sometime it just keeps everyone happy, but maybe something I could just lie about? Maybe tell her we are staying at a hostel?

they have never met either, would introducing them help or hurt? (normally I would say it would help, but like I said, people thing she is really pretty)

I should mention that she has not reacted yet as we have not talked about it, but I doubt she would be super upset, but I could see it still bothering her to some degree, I think* thence why I am asking here- sorry for that confusion.


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  • I would be fine with the whole trip and you sharing a room with the friend, but I don't think I would be okay with you and her sleeping in the same bed. I would also want to meet her to just make sure she isn't interested in you because you might think of her totally platonically, but I would want to make sure your friend feels platonically about you and wouldn't try to make a move on her.

    Just imagine how you would feel if your gf went on a trip with some guy you have never met and you heard that people find him very attractive and your gf is going to share a bed with him. What would you do?

    • Thank you for your response it all seems very reasonable. Do you think it might be worth just feeling a little lie? I really do hate lying, but I also like saving money and trust my selfcontrol and I really don't want to have to sleep on the floor haha

      also just to clarify, she is not really involved with my friends, so she actually does not know that this girl is supposed to be pretty (she is also not on facebook) so I agree that in a similar situation I would like to me the guy as well, but if I had no way of knowing he was a good looking guy, I may prefer not knowing... but I am not sure, what do you think?

    • DO NOT LIE!!! Seriously that would be the worst thing you could possibly do. Tell her the truth, if she wants to meet the girl, then let her. (Maybe don't say how many beds are in the room, so she may assume there are two, but don't outright lie if she asks) Also, most hotels have cots, just get one of those to sleep on if your gf is not okay with it

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  • Its not about being upset or untrusting... its about appropriateness. Its not appropriate for a man to share a room with a woman. Even less appropriate when he is in a relationship. You should know this. Its disrespectful to your partner... and the other girl too come to think of it.

    Normally I think its good to introduce everyone but in this case if you are actually still planning to be a total moron and share a room with her, don't let them meet each other... and yes, lie. But feel free to feel horrible about doing so, because you should.

  • Um yes? I would be very annoyed cause we all know what happens when guys and girls get in a room together

    • They play uno?

    • @ RichHomieGeorge Uno indeed haha but really, I can control myself like an adult... nay tips on how to make her feel more at ease on this @smexiliciousss? what would work for you?

    • I wouldn't introduce you two

  • I would be PISSED if my boyfriend went anywhere with another girl without me, but especially a trip, and even more especially sleeping in same bed. Hell no!

    • Well luckily back when this happened she was very adult and grown up about it, Haven't even thought or brought it up between us since. I don't think you are in the minority though, girls today and especially on here are crazy possessive I have learned lol

  • If you guys are up front about everything, tell her and reassure her that you will sleep on the floor or something.
    If you guys aren't up front about everything, hold off on telling her but still dont sleep in the same bed as her because most girls won't be happy to hear that.

    • I would really not like to sleep on the floor... maybe just tell her we have two beds? There is literally no reason she would find out otherwise... I think I can keep my hands to myself... lol

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  • Trust me, you don't want to be with a girl who's major jealous and insecure. Who says that it will stop there? It's only going to get worse.

  • Ha you gotta be kidding me. Find a girl that's ok with this situation and that's the girl you need to keep and marry. And don't let her go on trips with guys where there's only a single bed

    • I think she will be okay with it to be honest. and if it was someone she was just close friends with I would be okay with it as well. I just trust her, at least enough to tell me if something did happen so I could end it.