"You should never tell a girl how you feel"?

Until you are officially with her. True or false. Telling a girl you like her is the quickest way to cut all the tension etc. Rather show her you like her and make her think than to out right tell her before you two are to get her?

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  • Uhhmmm, I would say in the beginning stages, it's important for both parties to express the fact that they LIKE each other, so that the chase can move forward, otherwise you'd end up getting rejected or in a one sided situation. When you've reached commitment, I would say that, yes, it's absolutely fine to tell a girl how you feel. I'm not telling you that you should chase her, but it IS a man's responsibility to LEAD. You were born with that ability. Do the leading regardless of the end results. At least then you'd know that you were a genuine man in this situation. A lot of men think "Screw that! I ain't chasing NO woman!" lol. That's not the case. We women just want you to lead, that's it. It's as simple as that & if a woman cannot reciprocate your interest, keep hunting. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Good luck. :)


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  • Nothing should be left unsaid or unspoken, code i have always lived by, code i will continue to live by

  • Yup. Learned this the hard way.