I like a girl, but I'm not sexually attracted to her?

My 3 friends and I all invited girls they liked to have a game night. Me and the girl I like ended up cuddling during the movie after the games (my first time) and I like her, but I'm not sexually attracted to her. Is this normal, and will it cause problems if we do enter a relationship?


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  • I dont think you can enter a relationship without being sexually attracted to your partner... eventually she will want to do the deed and you won't be able to do and it'll get messy. Maybe just keep it casual/at friendship to be honest. Sexual attraction is one key thing that makes for dating, otherwise it's all friendship.

    • I thought the same... I don't really know how to tell her though. I've never really been in a position to turn down a girl. It's all very awkward and strange for me.

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    • I actually don't have to say anything to her, because she just texted me, and it turns out that we both agreed that we didn't want anything serious. What a relief lol.

    • the universe has helped you! yay! :) im glad it worked out!

  • Just tell her you would just like to be friends (: she should respect that...

    • Thanks for the advice, but she just texted me saying she liked me, but didn't want anything serious. Definitely a load off my shoulders.

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